Join 50,000 students around the world who are preparing their lives in the Lord's service to minister to a world in crisis.

I have really enjoyed the lessons so much since I started studying with OBC. I feel blessed to have your college. I have wanted to go to bible college for a long me. But with a family it was impossible and cost was so much. May God bless your work as you help Christians learn more about God. I am now on a limited income because of my health. But I enjoy shared the word of God with people I come in contact daily. I can not hardly to get online and start studying. I spend as much time as I can each day studying. I have learned so much already. sometime I am up to the wee hours of the night studying. once againGod bless you all at OBC.yours in christellen jaunita aten

ellen jaunita aten
united states of america

I thank God for the staff at OBC.I have started the bible courses,and I am in Love and hungry for the Word of God more than ever before.The lessons are great,may you continue to spread the Gospel through your college.


Thank God for OBC! May many more bible students get their training at no cost as we spread the knowledge of our God across the nations.


I encourage anyone who is moved to learn about God's plan for His people, through the salvation plan of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ to look into this program at the Online Bible College.

It is a very sound Christian education and teaches you much, much more than you can presently imagine. God's Holy Spirit works through these lessons and teaches you the ineffable truth. Let Him take you and lead you where He will take you. Give in gently and He will guide you. Don't rush. Go at your own speed. I have been taking these courses (with long breaks) for many years. He moves me as is His will.

He will do the same for you. He is your shepherd - just be a little sheep and follow along. You will hear Him calling you and telling you which way to go. Follow meekly. God bless all who read this and are moved to study. You won't be disappointed.

Eric D.

I just love OBC online study courses, I started the studies about 2-3 weeks ago 2013, and it has been a life changing experince for me. Don't know how I really stumble online this great school, but I'm glad the Lord guilded me to this wonderful knowlege of the Gospel. I thank you and your Staff for a wonderful blessing gift you have giving me the learn more of Gods word.
God Bless you"

Anthony Little

I just finish my A passion for the word and the lesson were awsome and the test right to the poi7nt no games

Aldoray keith Cowell
united states of America

I love this school, very easy to understand. Great knowledge of God's word. Thank you for On-line Bible College. Have a Blessed Day

Jeffrey Carter

The more I Study the more my focus is on God's will for my life. I enjoy every moment studying God's word.


I actually wanted to start a bible college but the classes would start in June, I just told my self to search for an online Bible college and God let me to OBC and it's been a wonderful experience.
When I was reading the book for Exodus, I did not understand somethings at a point when God told Moses to build the temple especially when God told him about the Linen, purple,scarlet, blue, I knew these colors had meanings, Guess what, God reveled the colors to me when I was studying the Tapestry of God's word. God is awesome. He answers in anyway. I take my time in studying the lessons.
Thank you the founders and Staff of OBC. God bless you.

Ogunbanwo Oghenruemu

OBC has reinvigorated my love and appreciation for the Word of God. I was at a point where I grew stale in my walk with God and struggled to read the Word at home; it was just so difficult getting started. The Lord directed me to your website a few weeks ago and now I am excited about digging into the Word and Bible study is so much easier for me now. OBC is truly a godsend and I've already recommended you to others. So grateful and appreciative for OBC!! You have helped me in so many ways in my walk with Christ! Simply, Thank You.

United States

I'm enjoying the lessons, and doing my best to do more in spite of distractions. Thank God the third distraction will soon be over and I will be able to do four lesson in a day. When you really get into the word of God everything start happening from sickness to personal problems, even death. But through it all I still pushed to study even when I felt like falling on my face. This word is so AMAZING you don't want to put it down.


I Just finish study the "A Passion For God's Word, I'm really amaze thru your teaching it was really help me understand The true passion Reading the Bible. Thank you so much for this lesson as i further study we will pray that God will open the windows of heaven and pour out his blessing to your wonderful Team. thanks a lot

Rolly Regalado
from Philippines

Rolly Regalado

I started OBC two nights ago and i am really in love with it. I could not leave my screen and sometimes find myself still sitting before my computer till 2:00 in the morning. I wish that every youth try OBC. May God show his faithfulness to you all. God bless.


I have just completed the "Gospel of Rest" lesson and I am beyond amazed! My life's orientation was instantly changed this evening. I am so grateful for this new understanding and for God's amazing Grace. Thank you for this lesson and God bless you all.


This is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to go deeper with the bible. I just came across this website a few weeks ago when I was looking for a bible/theology course. Within the short time I have taking the lessons I have began to see the Bible in a whole new light. May God bless you OBC, just I am being blessed by your material.


I am from Bhutan still working in the Bank for many years. I came to know Jesus Christ in the year 1992 through my uncle who also had presented a Bible. When I read in John: 3:16 and 14:6, these verses really touched my heart and I accepted Lord Jesus Christ in the year 1997.
I am still presenting these verses to dear and near one.

I have no idea before online study Bible except through chatting. I came to know from one of the sister who is from Phillipines. She is a Christian so we become good chat friends too. We shared our feelings each other in the net daily.
So she advises me to log on the websites so finally I entered it successfully.Thanks to OBC for offering me all the courses freely.

As I am studying, I feel over joyed. I praise God that OBC has a divine objective, roles & responsibility. Today I commit to the Lord that I will learn diligently and would apply throughout my life and the ministry.

A week ago, I started my first lesson on a passion on God’s words. My appreciation goes to OBC for enrolling me as a student.

God bless all.

Tenzin Dorji

Tenzin Dorji

I recently just enrolled in free courses last night and I am already loving it and can't step away from the screen. I stumbled on OBC because I was looking for something to teach me about god and prepare me and teach me about becomming a pastor. That is my dream to become a Christian Pastor. And low and behold there popped up OBC I am so glad I found this site! It is perfect! The free courses are very educating and it will prepare me for the accredited courses. I can not thank the OBC staff enough I really dont know what I would have done without you guys. I was so lost but now I am found. Now I can understand and learn about God instead of making my own guesses to what he means in the bible. Thank you again May God Bless you guys. I pray that more people enroll in your courses.

Amanda T
United States

Online Bible College is one of the finest online study sites for accreditted courses in my opinion. I find their courses very easy to follow and they cover the important things we need to know as Christians, without having to deal with useless subject matter like so many online courses do. I highly recommend OBC if you're just learning the Bible, as well as those who are well versed in Bible study because, I find it's a great refresher course also. I've learned a great deal from OBC since being a student here and I look forward to learning much more with my future studies. Thanks OBC for a great program!

Bo Heckathorne
United States

its divine encounter,lessons are so empowering and i thank the whole obc family may the lord bless you.

kenya east africa

i am on lesson 12 module; the power of Gospel..i wanted to know more about the God that came to save me and who He actually is so i searched the net and behold i saw OBC...i want to say that since i became a student, i have been transformed and also want to know more about God even the more ...How i wish it was only having a bible college till the lord comes...God bless the collins for this school..

adeniran adetola emmanuel

I am on lesson 11 in the module The power of the gospel. I was looking for a good free online Bible school when I came across OBC. I have since learnt a lot and I have found myself falling in love with my Lord and Savior more than ever before because my eyes have been opened clearly to see actually what brought Him to die. These lessons have opened my eyes to see I was the guilty one that caused Him pain on that cross. I strongly believe that God lead me here so I ca discover who exactly I am in His sight, where I ought to be. My prayer is that many more students come here and get prepared for the soon coming of the Lord Thanks to the staff of OBC God will reward you for my life that is changing each day as I study on. We will meet on that glorious day you will know me and I will know you.

Patrick Litana

I have now reached my 20th lesson, and although there is still a long way to go I am already impressed and convinced by the truth, wisdom and authenticity of the College's teaching. I often find myself wondering why I didn't see these plainly written truths before, as I have read most of the New Testament many times, but never before with such insight and conviction. My one council of caution is that Satan certainly seems to know what I am trying to achieve and is setting temptation in my way! Thank God I have Him to turn to.

Hugh Turner

I never knew about Online Bible College until i 'stumbled' on the site through goggle search. I am currently on lesson 5 of the Passion for God's Word and it has been simply awesome! Now i believe i didn't 'stumble' on this site but God led me here. My study life is been daily refreshed and i trust God it will be getting better.
Thank you for the good work and for giving to The Lord - I am a life that is daily being transformed.
God bless you all

Kolawole Olatunde

I recently completed A Passion for God's Word, and am now a couple of lessons into The power of the Gospel, so I have a long way to go! Already my eyes and heart have been opened to so much I had missed before, but my hunger for God's Word is growing and I long to work on through all the courses, and to apply what I learn to my life and ministry. Thank you, OBC.


i had been searching for something like this for a long...time. and amazingly its FREE of charge. am so grateful and as i study everyday i feel a deeper hunger to know more of God's living Word. thanks OBC, may God Almighty bless the whole team.


Thank you, so much for your faithfulness, to God's calling on your lives. I am understanding God's word as never before, and sharing what God through you is teaching me with others, as I endeavor to fulfill the calling of the ministry... as He leads me in the places He takes me.

Karo Jones
A Traveler endeavoring to follow in Jesus Christ's footsteps.

Karo Jones

Word cannot express how thankful I am to OBC. I thank God for the grace He has given you to produce and provide the training courses free of charge.

I have attended several churches and read so many christian books but none has presented the word of God in a simple and plain way OBC does. With OBC online courses, I now have a full and in-depth understanding of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. By God's grace, i will continue the courses until I finish all.

Thank you and may God continue to strengthen you.

Babatope Babajide

I have been doing the course for about 3 months and try to do a lesson a day. Each lesson reveals more truth and increases my faith. I thank God for leading me to this website and thank Him for your gift of knowledge and wisdom of your teaching.
God Bless

Mark Yakubisin
United States

I am a jewish believer in Yeshua. I am really enjoying all the lessons, and i love how the lessons are pure scripture that puts Yeshua "Jesus" in the front,as the bible does. I am so thankful for this online bible school, and for giving anyone who wants a chance to learn so they can wittness to the people who dont know Yeshua, which is our purpose for being here anyway. May God grant you all.... His Shalome

kimberly keel

Im so thankful that there are people like you, to train us, even we are poor in Biblical Material, I hope the Lord provide all your needs to help others,
Maraming Salamat
(Thank you)
Pagpalain Kayo ng Diyos.
(God Bless)

united stats

today i completed obc courses it was a true learning exp.thank you for offering the courses. My biblical knowledge has increased and now i will patiently await my calling


Im so thankful that there are people like you, to train us, even we are poor in Biblical Material, I hope the Lord provide all your needs to help others,
Maraming Salamat
(Thank you)
Pagpalain Kayo ng Diyos.
(God Bless)

Jayson Musca Baribo
The Philippines

I started OBC this year and have found the lessons to be very impacting in my life and answered the call of GOD to study His word and learning to be obedient to that call has been made easier for me because i can now study in the early hours and then apply what i have learned to my life that day .
OBC is a beautifully written and well set out coarse that allows you to really dive in and get the most out of studying the word of God at your own pace
thankyou OBC your obedience has lead me to work out my salvation and recieve great teaching based on the whole gospel also ifind what i learn each week is what i hear being confirmed each week in my church
i love the word and that love is growing every day :)

Sharlene Russell

Two days ago I embarked on a journey to once again attempt to study the Word of God. i had been so out of touch with my relationship with God, myself, and my family and friends because of some of the choices I had made.
I needed SOMETHING to inspire me and encourage me to stick with this. I thank GOD for finding OBC and the course A Passion for God's Word.
Beautifully written and easy to understand.

Carrie Hollister
United States

I just wanted to say thank-you so much OBC. These lessons have been a true blessing in my life. God Bless you all.

In Christ Jesus JE.

J Everingham

Praise the Lord.

I was from a Buddhist family and have come known and received Christ 4 years ago. Now my whole big family of more than 25 converted. Thanks to God.

Praise the Lord again, I came to join this online bible study last year and still on the course. OBC courses have delivered me most valuable knowledge to know God and His Word. I found this is most important to help establish a strong foundation STONE before my further walks to the call of of our Beloved God, Lord Jesus & Holy Spirit. I want to share with many who are responding to His Calls and be our faithful brothers and sisters in CHRIST, for ever and ever Amen.

Leonard Law Moh Hiong

I just want to thank God for the OBC team. I just started the course a few weeks ago and It is helping me to understand the world of God in a whole new way. Thank you for offering the courses and I look forward to continuing in my study of the Word of God.

cynthia canary
United States

hay this course is too much, it realys explain the word of GOD especcially the parts i used to skip so now i understand alot. im really equipped by the word of GOD with the support of OBC guided by the holyspirit


Great curriculum. I am still taking the courses, however, I have found great revelation in each lesson. I love each lesson from beginning to end. I have even taught my flock with some of the lessons provided. I want to encourage OBC to continue to allow God to use you to teach the Word of God without expense and that I recommend this course to all disciples of God's word. May God continue to shine upon you and that you be blessed and a blessing!

Bishop Robert L. Hart Jr

I was looking all over for a course that would help me understand the Word of God and how I could apply it in my day to day life. I am so thankful to the Good Lord for giving the team at OBC a vision to spread the Word of God through the courses they offer; and that too free of charge. "You have received freely; so give freely". I am using this study to spread the Word of God myself not only by the lessons learnt here, but also taking the very example of Jesus and following it each and every step of the way. May God bless you all for your good efforts.

Ronald Joseph John
Kingdom of Bahrain

May GOD bless the OBC team for the tremendous work they are doing of buildong spiritual giants and great teachers of the word of GOD. Iam so happy to be enrolled a s a student at OBC. My understanding of the word of GOD has been shapened and i see myself becoming a great man of GOD that iam called to be. To GOD be the glory for leading me to OBC.

Demian Mabote Ndalamei

i am glad for this college as it has really improved my knowledge.
my faith has grown higher and continues to grow.
i know faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God.
am greatefull for this college and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this college to anyone to join, its a good college that will open your eyes of understandings that you may see the thing that are set before you in the hope of glory.
you will be more effective in your ministry.

jacob ogola owiti

As a Pastor I was looking to further my biblical study. I stumbled across OBC and struck Gold. I am drawing closer to Jesus and finding myself emersed in Gods Word...

Dave Hallahan

I would like to tell you im 65 years old ith a bad heart and i really dont do to much anymore,so i thought i would do the free courses to fill in my time,this is the best study course i have ever taken,now when i get threw with a lesson i cant wait to start the next,i think god sent me to your web site because i was really depressed about my health,i just finished my7th lesson and cant wait to start number8,thank you for being there may God Bless You All THANK YOU AGAIN for being here

Ben Madren
United States


Pastor Jacob Edehomo

I have only been with OBC for about a month but I am learning so much from the studies. Studying the word of God alone, improved my relationship with Him and has deepend my prayers as well. I urge many of you who are contemplating the studying of the Bible... Equip yourself with the word now, if not for any other reason than to prepare yourself for battle. The time is here, the time is now. God bless you all!

Soldier for God

Holly DeLuca
United States

I been with OBC. for 5months now and it's changing the way i see everything that i know about the father. I'm learnning so much. I feel that my relationship with him is getting closer, and stronger. thank you obc for your faithfullness. You are making a difference. My desire is getting stronger everyday. I am encourageing other to take the course.

Rhonda Steele

wANT TO TEAC ABOUT our lOVING GOD and Let all know what GOD has done for me I can walk after 22yr.s confined to a wheelchair; I am a new Christian of 2yrs.A Pastor that worked at a Kroger where I worked became friends with me &started to asked me to Bible study& then she took me to GOD & now I can walk again Thank YOU LORD I can't get enough of OUR LORD


I thank God for OBC, for its indepth
teaching of the word of God. I joined OBC bout a month ago, and I have learn a lot about the word of God.
May God continue to bless OBC.

James Zakayo.

James Zakayo

I thank God for the Online Bible School. I feel so good about myself, now that I am really learning about the bible. Before I didn't understand the bible, but now I am understanding more and more everyday. God bless you and your team at OBC, I will never ever forget what you have done for me. Thank you and God bless OBC and your team of excellent staff.


Evelyn Russell

I am so blessed to have been led to your on line college.
I have a limited income, and I was hoping one day to find somewhere that I could truly learn Gods Word "Every thing!" Your courses are phenomenal!! your ministry is what Christianity is all about!
Thank you Jesus!, and thank you O.B.C. God is faithful, and has allowed a new door to open up for me.
God Bless you all.

Todd Baker
united states

I just want to say how much I appreciate the Online Bible College.
I have been studying now for a number of years, and I switched from the free course to the acredited course. I have recently started another online Bible seminary (c, and what I have learned trough the years from OBC has really opened my eyes to the real meaning of Christianty. I can't say thank you enough for the training recieved at OBC. God Bless OBC and every student attending. May we all be equiped to spread the Good


This course has been the dream of my life and I had wondered who will make it come through. but here today it has become a dream of the past.
May God bless and continue to use in this manner
Daniel Turay
Sierra Leone

Daniel Turay
Sierra Leone

i am just starting but i can alredy see a change in my life. My knowledge of God through these studies is deepening and widening as i read each lesson. May the good Lord bless OBC


I am very thankful unto the Lord for Online Bible College. I know this is from the Lord. My desire was to go to a seminary but I could not afford it. I have learned so much and still learning. This Online Bible College is truly a blessing to me. Words cannot express how grateful I really am. May the Lord continue to bless you all and continue to be a blessing to others.

Wyvonne Galloway

I have completed all 14 courses, I thank God for his genuine guidance by time I have been studying his words. I hope this will help me and other people around me.

Please continue to offer such nice courses to all people to unreached areas. This School is helpful to us even though we are coming from Africa. I love it. God bless the good school.

Asher Nyirenda

Asher Nyirenda

Thank you so much for the free courses, I've just discovered it and since then passion for God's Word has increase in me.


Thanks OBC team its two year since i started this course it has helped me to discover my calling and Gods purpose for me.i have not remained the same in my walk with christ jesus.


Your bible study program is OUTSTANDING. This type learning is exactly what I need to assist me in my daily bible reading.

David E. Brown

Thank you for offering such free courses online which help me to teach and understand the words of God. I will continue to share this to other people from different areas, God bless you.

Asher Nyirenda

Thank you so much for offering all the resources on this site. After a lifetime of being a nominal Christian, I was finally baptised in March last year, and there are so many things I want to learn. Thank you that you have made it possible for someone who has no money to actually go to Bible college. God bless all who work on this site!


I just want to say how much I appreciate the Online Bible College.
I have been studying now for a number of years, and I switched from the free course to the acredited course. I have recently started another online Bible seminary (, and what I have learned trough the years from OBC has really opened my eyes to the real meaning of Christianty. I can't say thank you enough for the training recieved at OBC. God Bless OBC and every student attending. May we all be equiped to spread the Good News!

Pastor John E Knopp Jr
United States

I thank God this wonderful campus where is the place to train and develop how to understand God's word. bless all who be a part of this onlinebiblecollege.


Well I just started and am very delighted. I am happy for this and I would recommend it to anybody. Its awesome. It is really having an impact on my spiritual life and my preparation for ministry.

Tishauna Mullings

OBC is such a blessing to many like us who wants to learn and deepen the knowledge in the Word. You're courses are life changing. I was a new student but I studied it put's more excitement in my heart to go forward. You're not filling our heads with knowledge but firing our hearts to serve more with passion. Every courses is such a nourishment .
Thank you and More power!!!
God bless you!!!

Ma. Corazon S. Santiago

I myself stumbled upon OBC a few weeks ago.
im amazed just by reading some of the other student comments about how they happened to stumble across OBC.
I must say it has brought me closer to our Blessed Redeemer through his word than any other study lesson that i have done.
i have not even finished the first course and i can see where through OBC GOD has began changing my knowledge of him and drawing me closer to him.
its very exciting and keeps me on my toes so to speak wondering what GOD is going to show me in the next lesson. The way the lessons are set up and explained it keeps me wanting to learn more about my Savior.


Your work is superb. My knowledge about the bible is getting deeperwith each study. I have benefitted greatly from the materials of study, Idont just want the study to end though I ahve gone very far in the study. I started studying your materials since 2002 and up until now I have not finished with it. Its simply splendid and spiritually enthralling. Is there any sudy about the antichrist and the second coming of Christ? Thanks


I thank God for OBC. I found this through goggle search. I review with your statement of faith. then Lord told me to sign up to take free course. So I did. I've been learn alot about OBC. Make my attiude changed. I am deaf and very Spirited Filled believer. I pray that God is using me this OBC and spread the word of Gospel to deaf communties everywhere!

John Gouger

I publish a weekly online tabloid called SheepTrax Xpress. My original target audience was college students but found I have readers from all over the planet who really want to know God through his Word.

I was searching for a resource I could direct people to to better study the Scripture when I stumbled on OBC through a Google Ad on my website.

Curious, I took a module "to test the waters" and ended up enrolling in the accredited courses. I want to kow God for who he knows himself to be and this is an amazing, well written resource.

Don't mind if I recommend you to several thousand readers?

Thank you!


Bryan Hupperts

i all out there i have just fishend the online bible courses and i have never thougth that i could have every learn so much in one year. i just wanted to take the time to thank every one at obc thats was a great time study the word of god
thank you


i urge all those out there who wants to study with OBC because here we do not learn about christ but we learn christ, and blessed with the new revelation and new truth about the word that was hidden to for a very long long time.

new wine is much better.

with passion for the kingdom

Charles Mundia

Charles Mundia

I have been studying the lessons with Online-Bible Colleges for a few years and I have been able to do it at my own pace. I truly love the experience, especially being a military person my time does not allow me to attend day-to-day classroom environments or daily online course. Online-Bible College has allowed me to experience self-pace studies but I am stronger in my faith and I have a clear understanding of the lessons. I am equipped to answers questions and explain my walk with Christ. The lessons have been helpful and has educated me to be able to talk with others about Christ.

H. Nacomas Jones

I love these courses. I love to dig deeper into God's word and finding little nuggets of life. I am encouraged daily when doing them. It is a wonderful tool in preparing me to get out there and talk about Jesus and not only His amazing gift of salvation but it also teaches how to encourage others with their walk with Christ as well. I highly recommend anyone to participate in doing these courses. It is a wonderful way to learn about the true heart of our Father.

Stacy Miller
United States

I have been studying with the Online Bible College for several years. It is one of my better decisions!

I would recommend it to you, the lessons when approached with an open heart & mind; will through the power of the Holy Spirit change your life for the better - what ever your circumstances.

Thank you God, for the OnlineBible College.

Robert Love
United Kingdom

Each day as I do my Online Bible College lessons, I feel like I am growing in the Lord, every treasure uncovered reveals a little of God's heart.
Taking the courses of the Online Bible College has been a life-changing experience for me. I had spent many years reading the Bible on my own, but I knew I needed help if I were to fully understand everything I was reading. I have learned more doing the first three modules of the course, than I had from reading for years on my own. The study is well organized, and has instilled the habit of disciplined devotion, study and prayer into my life. It is well worth the effort and the cost to study with OBC, and I would recommend it to anyone, whether a new Christian, or someone who has been reading the Bible for years.

Thank you so much for changing my life


God bless all of you there of the OBC Team for such a glorious Work. You are indeed a Blessing from the good Lord to is body in these end times! Again the Father bless you, the Son bless you! and Thank you! Words can not express...

Tip Tip

I have been doing the non accredited biblical studies course for the last couple of years which I really enjoy and find so useful and enlightening. It is actually very hard to describe in words the impact of what the biblical studies course has done for me and my personal relationship with God and I really would like to bless you all at the Online Bible College for your faith, your obedience and your diligence - please don't ever underestimate your impact on the world through spreading the Truth of God's Word....Thank you is so inadequate but THANK YOU again and may God's favor and the richness and abundance of His blessing continue to light your path.

Leigh-Anne Greytown
South Africa

Thank you
I just wanted to thank you so much for being faithful to the Lord and allowing a free bible college. This is such a wonderful resource to have! I have had such a desire to become educated in ministry and this practical approach is so much better than I expected. May God bless you and your efforts. What a blessing you are. How may I help?

In Christ,

Brian M. Smith

Brian Smith

i live in las vegas nv and i found this web sit thour my chruch web sit called grapevine fellowship. and every sence i start this on line bible college i have leared a lot more then i could of every learned on my own. and i find some of the lesson hard but by the grace of god i try to the best that i can for some one who has a mild learning disabelate. i also find this school helping me to learn more about who jesus was and what is life was life. i have never seen jesus life come to life this before

jennet weber
las vegas nv

church grapevine fellowship


For some time now I have a burning desire to know God more and hear His voice. I thank God for this day on which I found OBC and I pray He leads me to all the fullness He has in store for all those who have believed in Christ Jesus.
May our Lord and Savior bless u all.


I Thank God for OBC because I was in a desperate situation and I really desired to go to bible college but I couldn't afford it so I said a prayer to God and set out to search for a free online bible college so I typed in these words free online bible collge and then God blessed me with your website. It's just been awesome and so woundeful to take these courses I'm taking two and it has been the most rewarding thing I could have done joining this college. Thank's OBC. God Bless ( now) Pastor Loretta Pittman



I thank God for OBC
since I started studying with you, everything has changed in my life
the message of the Gospel of grace has freed me from a boring christian life
your light has made me see light
keep on doing the good work


I am thankful for the Biblical Studies course offered through OBC. In searching for a way to take a Bible school course, the Lord led me to look on the internet. The first school I came upon was OBC. After looking at other options, I was drawn back to OBC because it had the course content I desired to take. I looked forward to each and every lesson that came to my computer.
The lessons are practical and spirit building and they are laid out very well.
The certificate in Biblical Studies turned out to be the first step for me. The Bible college I attended a few years later gave me full credits for the courses I took through OBC which helped me on the way to bachelor's and master's degrees.
Thank you for your faithfulness in carrying on this ministry.

Rodney Cox

Just a few short lines to let you know that the lessons of the Online Bible College are good and very helpful to my spiritual life and ministry. All the insights are great and feed the needs of my hunger and thirst. I've printed all the lessons and I am using those for training and teaching and mentoring others. Thank you very much for this online ministry.

Emma Tapion

Studying with the Online Bible College is a great blessing to my life. I am still amazed at the quality of the lessons, the curriculum, the interactive tests and the daily communication. The studies are original, deep, useful, bible-centered and creative. I can see a spirit of excellence behind OBC. Beyond this, I feel that there is a new family that is praying, taking care and giving me the tools to grow spiritually and to be more effective in my ministry. A special gift of God.

Carlos Duran

Each day as I do my Online Bible College lessons, I feel like I am growing in the Lord, every treasure uncovered reveals a little of God's heart. I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

Lesley Lane

Taking the courses of the Online Bible College has been a life-changing experience for me. I had spent many years reading the Bible on my own, but I knew I needed help if I were to fully understand everything I was reading. I have learned more doing the first three modules of the course, than I had from reading for years on my own. The study is well organized, and has instilled the habit of disciplined devotion, study and prayer into my life. It is well worth the effort and the cost to study with OBC, and I would recommend it to anyone, whether a new Christian, or someone who has been reading the Bible for years.

Linda Smotony

Welcome to the OBC Global Family. We are here to serve you.

Paul and Bunty Collins
Presidential Team

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As well as the Online Bible College's study program, OBC is ministering to

the Body of Christ and the world at large in a variety of ways. Everything is free...


14 series of one page studies, easy to learn and easy to teach. Over 2 million leaders around the world are using them.


A special course for people with a shepherd's heart. 30 Lessons with videos.


Over 100 - 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 40 minutes-teaching sessions on OBC's dedicated Youtube channel.


Ministering through Asian Tribal Ministries to the needy ethnic peoples of Thailand and Burma - war orphans, widows and girls caught in human trafficking


Follow-up course of 12 lessons plus graphics for those responding to the Gospel.


A fellowship of automonous small churches for encouragement and resources.


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OBC’s Forum brings the opportunity for OBC students to communicate together in their walk with the Lord. This is moderated by Rebecca Laklem DD, the Dean of OBC, shown here with her husband Timothy.


As we look out at the great needs in our world today, we join the Lord is His expression of love and concern for every individual whose life is very special to Him. Share with us in The Heart of OBC

All OBC courses are free of charge. Our Motto is the word of Jesus, “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8). If you desire to help in any way to expand this free worldwide ministry you can contribute via this link.

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