Dear Student,

It has been our joy to bring the studies of OBC to you free of charge. All our Team who help you are self-supporting volunteers. We look to the Lord each month for His supply to bring this important training to you.

OBC Generosity Club

Generosity is part of your new life in Christ and we would like to encourage you to become part of the OBC Team with the heart to reach our world with the life-changing truths of God’s Word. We are living in perilous times, in a world in desperate need of the Gospel . Together we can reach out to 3 billion people who are on the internet. If we all help a little, even $2 as often as you can, we can get the job done.

Technology is advancing so fast. General statistics show that last year the use of mobile phones exceeded desktops by 80%. While the OBC video teaching can now be received on mobile

phones, the biggest challenge at the moment is to put the full course of OBC studies on mobile phones. The majority of people in every nation are on mobile phones.

We would like to provide this for you and all the students but it is expensive to develop. If you, and as many students as possible, become part of the Generosity Club we will see OBC develop further in its vision to train leaders around the world, giving you all the ability to study on your mobile phone.