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When Moses was called by God to bring the people out of bondage, Moses did not believe he could do it. God said to him, “What is that in your hand?” The staff Moses held became the means by which miracles occurred and people were set free. What is a Keyboard Missionary? A Keyboard Missionary is someone who is using what is in his/her hand. The keyboards that are in your hand can get the message of the Gospel out to friends, relatives and acquaintances….all people you personally know. You can send messages by means of mobile phone, Ipad, Facebook, Twitter, computer watches and PCs etc. OBC has provided specialized messages that can be downloaded, free of charge, to use on any of these mediums. The specialized messages include “Micro-Messages” and “Cartoon Commentator” for general distribution, and “Gospel Ads” for use in local newspapers. All of these Ads have a follow-up system on the internet for those who desire to know further about the Gospel. Also available is “Seed for the Sower” for encouragement to pastors and leaders with a further invitation to study at OBC and “5 Minute Seminars”.

Join others, from 160 countries, who have committed themselves to get the Gospel out far and wide. Special updates will be sent to you about news of what is happening.