DAVID: D.D. (Hon), Cert.Chin.
Lang. (Cant)

OBC Founder and Author

David Collins, founder and author of the Online Bible College, went to be with the Lord in November 2006 after a long illness. He crammed into his 44 years many wonderful expressions of ministry. He was involved in leadership training and cross-cultural ministry throughout the Asia/Pacific region. He worked for many years among the triad gangs and drug addicts of Hong Kong's notorious Walled City, seeing many come to the Lord and set free from drugs. He also ministered among the tribal people in northern Thailand's Golden Triangle experiencing great moves of God in their midst.

Speaking Cantonese fluently, he was teacher/pastor at the Evangelical Chinese Church in Melbourne, Australia.

David co-authored training manuals such as Back to the Gospel, Project 21, The King's Table and Born for the Glory, used by large numbers of leaders around the world. David has left a great heritage in his writings which will go on ministering to people through the OBC.

David’s three children, Jessica, Stephanie and Jordan, all love the Lord and, using their individual callings and giftings, are taking up the baton their father has passed on to them. David’s wife, Elena, recently re-married.