D.D. (Hon.), M.Th., Dip.YL.

OBC President


D.D. (Hon), B.Th.

OBC Vice - President

Paul & Bunty Collins have been active in ministry for over 50 years and have extensive experience on the mission fields of South East Asia, seeing thousands respond to the Gospel. They pioneered the Project 21 teaching program, which is being used by up to 2 million leaders in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. With David, they also co-authored Back to the Gospel, The King's Table and Born for the Glory. Paul is acknowledged in many sections of the Body of Christ for his insight into church dynamics. As well as President of the Online Bible College he is also Chairman of Fountaingate Christian Foundation. Bunty has been a sought after speaker for conferences in the Body of Christ at large and brings to the Online Bible College a wealth of teaching experience and practical insight into the Word of God.

They have held leadership training, short-term schools in numerous countries, such as Australia, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong. In 1980, at the height of the great harvest in Indonesia, they trained 10,000 new pastors which contributed a major impact upon the church in Indonesia. All their training programs, including the Online Bible College, are free of charge. Their motto is the word of the Lord, “Freely you have received, freely give”. Their emphasis is always the revelation of the Word and its life-changing impact rather than academic information.