DD (Hon.), Founder and
Director of Asian Tribal

OBC Missions Advisor


DD (Hon.), Dip.Min., Siloah
School of Ministry graduate

Dean of OBC

Rebecca, the daughter of Paul and Bunty Collins and sister of David Collins, has been involved in missionary work all her life - in Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines. With her husband, Timothy Laklem, she is Co-Founder and Director of Asian Tribal Ministries which ministers to the ethnic peoples and refugees in Thailand and Burma. She is International Communications Director for this ministry.

Timothy and Rebecca established the ATM Discipleship Training School (“OBC Live”) in Chiangmai, Thailand. As well as training the students in the school, Timothy has given many years in rehabilitating Karen refugees and working towards seeing peace come to the war-torn nation of Myanmar. Rebecca, both as Principal and teacher, has had great input into the Thai training school. She also inaugurated the “OBC Live” school in Rangon, Myanmar, which is greatly impacting the many ethnic regions of the country. On top of all of this, they are the parents of seven children (several of whom Rebecca has home-schooled) who are following the call of God on their lives.