Somphet (Dakhota) (Diplomas from Trumpets of Christ School of Ministry and ZOE Bible College) was born in the Shan State, Burma where at the age of 7 was taken from his family and recruited as a child soldier along with thousands of other young boys. At the age of 9, along with many other soldier boys, he was rescued by some local missionaries, David and Paula Mahawon, who started a boy’s home (Faith Village) in Doisaket, Chiang Mai. Learning about Christ, Dakhota received Him into his heart and has since then had a strong call on his life to serve the Lord. He became part of the Faith Village ministry team, reaching out to the Shan Ethnic Group residing in both Thailand and Burma. He has experience in Media, Teaching and Translation.

Karenna, born in Chiangmai, from young adulthood has been involved in the ministry of Asian Tribal Ministries founded by her parents, Timothy & Rebecca Laklem, with the vision to reach all the tribal and ethnic groups in Thailand and Burma. As well as teaching in the Discipleship Training School (“OBC Live”) she has also been involved in the peace and community development work under the Children of the Border Project along the Thai-Burma Border. In 2010, she was ordained and the management and directorship of Asian Tribal Ministries was handed over to her.

Karenna and Dakhota were married in 2012. Together they continue the ministry of ATM with a strong vision for evangelism, teaching and discipleship training. They are the OBC Directors for Thailand including the OBC Thai Campus